The Wine Doctor – Our Most Popular R.E.W (Year 2017) – SPECIAL 3 Bottle Pack


  • Alcohol content 14.0%Vol.
  • Variety – Shiraz 2017
  • Region – Barossa Valley
  • Wine maker – Brian Light
  • Consume 1-2 standard glasses per day.
  • Resveratrol concentration: 100+mg/L (as measured by the Australian Wine Research Institute)
  • 750ml bottle
  • Contains Sulphites

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     healthiest red wine

     The Wine Doctor – Our Most Popular Resveratrol Enhanced Wine (R.E.W) Year 2017


    Variety Shiraz Brand Name The Wine Doctor
    Liquor Style Red Wine Size 750ml
    Current Vintage 2017 Alcohol Volume 14
    Country Australia Region Barossa Valley
    Standard Drinks 8.3 State South Australia
    Closure Screw Cap R.E.W Concentration 118.4 mg/L
    Case Size 12 Contact
    Wine Maker Brian Light Website
    Sulphates 79ppm    

    Directions: Consume 1-2 standard glasses per day for best health Benefits.

    The Wine Doctor, your Health Secret in a Bottle.  We all know wine is good for you, but what is in Red Wine that makes it so good? It’s a polyphenol called ‘Resveratrol’.  We have the world’s only Patented, Resveratrol Enhanced Wine R.E.W.  Our wine has 20 to 100 times more resveratrol than any other wine you are buying.

    Made with fruit from our own Barossa Valley vineyard, this wine exhibits ripe plum fruit with a touch of oak complexity giving notes of spice, plum and chocolate. The flavours of ripe plum continue to the palate with spice and chocolate evident. This Shiraz is balanced by firm but ripe tannin making the wine approachable immediately.

    Absorbing Resveratrol through red wine.

    The best way to absorb Resveratrol is via the buccal mucosa or the lining of the mouth, which allows the Resveratrol to go straight into the blood system.

    Absorption of Resveratrol via the buccal mucosa is so efficient it is 250 times better than absorption of Resveratrol via the gut, which is what happens when you take Resveratrol in the form of tablets or capsules.

    This is because the Resveratrol in the gut gets taken to the liver via the portal blood system, to be metabolized or broken down so its effective amount in the blood is much less.

    Resveratrol is a natural anti-oxidant compound found in grape skins and is the only substance to stimulate the production of SIRT 1 by the body. SIRT 1 is a member of the sirtuin group of compounds which makes cells live longer by stimulating the cell’s energy producer, the mitochondria, to produce more energy for the cell.

    REVIEW by Ben Malouf, First Vintage:

    The adage that a few glasses of wine per day is good for your health is linked to a chemical compound called Resveratrol.  In a world first, the Team at The Wine Doctor have developed a wine that is Resveratrol Enhanced and tastes great.  Everything you would think of from a Clare Valley shiraz, good for your health and only $25 a bottle, this wine ticks all the boxes!

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    1. Is our The Wine Doctor – Standard R.E.W a natural product and where is it made?

    Standard R.E.W is 100% Australian red wine, totally natural and is produced and bottled in Australia.  Production of our Standard R.E.W is subject to the same stringent requirements as all Australian wine products imposed by the Australian Grape & Wine Authority (AGWA). Check our company website and only purchase from our authorised distributors to ensure a genuine product.

    1. Why is consuming Resveratrol in wine better than capsules, etc.?

    Resveratrol, which occurs naturally in grape skin to fight of pathogens such as bacteria or fungi, is best absorbed via the lining of the mouth.  Resveratrol in wine is also assisted by the presence of polyphenols and other naturally occurring antioxidants. Therefore calcium supplements always contain vitamin D to assist the calcium in its absorption.

    1. When and how much Standard R.E.W should I take daily?

    Generally, 1-2 glasses per day and depending on your individual circumstances.

    1. Can I overdose on Resveratrol?

    Very unlikely as no toxic level for Resveratrol has ever been established.

    1. Is it safe to consume Standard R.E.W long term?

    A lot of doctors worldwide encourage their patients to drink a glass (about 150ml) of red wine daily.  Limited alcohol on a long-term consumption daily should not harm your body.  This precludes anyone who may be allergic to wine or alcohol.

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